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Core Team

Cesar Nerys is cofounder and Chairman of the Openworld Institute. A citizen of the Dominican Republic, he has experience with private development projects in Caribbean/Central American and Indian Ocean regions. Mr. Nerys has designed eCommerce solutions for leading international corporations, consulted on offshore information industry development for the World Bank and private sector clients, andset updistance learning networks for universities in the Caribbbean and the Pacific.

Mark Frazier, President of the Openworld Institute and of Openworld, Inc., has experience in developing market-orientedinitiatives for private and public sector clients in 55 countries. A graduate of Harvard University and former Visiting Fellow of the Lehrman Institute, he was past publisher of Reason magazine as well as cofounder of the Local Government Center, springboard for Reason Foundation's privatization practice. He specializes in economic reforms, free zones for knowledge industries, sustainability strategies for self-help groups, and skills diffusion initiatives in emerging economies.

Jack Pearce is an attorney and entrepreneur active in domestic and global policy liberalization and human rights initiatives. After holding senior legal positions at USAID, the Department of Justice, and the White House, he moved to the private sector to manage the first industry association advancing broad deregulation of transportation, and to serve as founding Washington counsel for the Computer and Communications Industry Association. A former Fellow of the National Institute of Public Affairs at Cornell University, Mr. Pearce is on the board of nonprofit organizations working for individual liberties and peaceful dispute resolution, including Conflict Solutions International and the Center for Democracy & Human Rights in Saudi Arabia. He is founder and principal executive of OSI, Washington, DC’s largest private office center serving small and new entrepreneurs.

Nick Sorrentino is a blogger and head of a Exelorix, social network strategy company. His professional background includes experience in banking, financial advisory services, and insurance, as well as in media production and event management for the Free Congress Foundation. Mr. Sorrentino has raised funds for nonprofit organizations and political candidates in Capitol Hill and in Richmond, Virginia. He holds a degree in Political Science from Mary Washington College.

Charles Frohman is an advisor on media and public relations. He has experience as a Congressional staffer and as a liaison to Congress for the Cato Institute and a leading land titling association, as well as a public affairs consultant and event planner for corporations. A yoga teacher, he brings a commitment to classical liberalism, consciousness, and transcending cultural boundaries to create value for investors and partners. He is a graduate of the College of William & Mary.