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Core Mission Defined at Baltimore Meeting

Mark Frazier, Cesar Nerys, and Charles Frohman met in Baltimore on March 24, 2007 to crystallize the following purpose for the Openworld Institute:

  • identifying innovations and best practices for introducing transparent business climates
  • catalyzing free and open source "eGovernment" software development projects that embody these innovations and practices
  • organizing conferences and workshops to accelerate diffusion of these eGovernment solutions
  • offering technical assessment services, certifications, and prizes to recognize exemplary jurisdictions.

The Openworld Institute's aim is to carry forward new information technology strategies for sustainable development proposed in an 11-month research effort supported by the Sabre Foundation and Whitehead Foundation. The full report is downloadable.

The Institute is seeking to encourage new public sector readiness to create conditions for economic success, in parallel with Openworld, Inc.'s work to prepare private free zone development initiatives that generate assets for local and global good causes.  An update of Openworld's strategy for opening the world with "virtual catalysts" is here.