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Assessments, certifications, and Openworld Prizes

Providing technical assessments, certifications, and global awards to recognize success

The Openworld Institute is preparing a series of offerings to  speed local and national action on exemplary eGovernment-enabled policy and institutional reforms.

In addition to developing assessments and certifications linked to measurable progress in improving business climates, the Openworld Institute plans to recognize outstanding eGovernment initiatives. Annual global competitions and awards -- including an Openworld Prize -- will provide an ongoing stimulus to encourage political leaders to offer world-class environments for economic growth. The Openworld Prize will go to leading public and private sector champions of successful transparency-creating eGovernment reforms.

The Institute plans to use a number of benchmarks in deciding which locations to recognize for outstanding policy and institutional change. Annual comparative benchmarks of the quality of national investment and business climates, such as the World Bank’s “Doing Business” surveys, provide a foundation for recognizing exceptional achievement in liberalizing reforms that enable both social and business enterprises to flourish.

At local government levels, objective indicators – such as the extent of land grant commitments as well as accompanying enterprise zone-style incentives – can provide a further measure of political commitment to deliver actual transparency in business climates.