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What are eGovernment systems?

eGovernment systems can bring unprecedented gains to business climates and improved efficiencies to public sector operations. They are creating a level playing field in which problems of bureaucratic delays, unpredictability, and corruption can be radically reduced.

Leading examples and opportunities for eGovernment solutions exist in the following service areas:

  • Land registry databases (e.g. India’s Bhoomi and Punjab precedents)
  • Online incorporation systems  (e.g. Denmark and Delaware precedents)
  • License and permit issuance systems
  • Virtual “one-stop shops” for issuance of incentives
  • Technology Visas and work permits (e.g. Dubai’s online visa system)
  • Spectrum auction and telecommunications license issuance systems; and
  • Business and technology park concession tendering systems.

These operations -- and many others -- enable countries and communities to substantially improve the quality of governance and realize their inherent productive potential.